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An estimated 5.9 million people in the UK have never been online, and 12.6 million don’t have the digital skills to make the most of the opportunities the internet has to offer. According to the Basic Digital Skills UK Report 2015, 28% of the offline population are unemployed. The Be Online campaign aims to change that.

For two weeks of the Year (27th Feb – 12th March), the Be Online campaign will see members of the UK Online Centres Network, such as Rewards Training, and other local organisations hold events helping people to make the most of the internet.

Rewards Training will be taking part by opening our doors to anyone looking to gain basic digital skills so they can search and apply for work online, use Universal JobMatch, help people get new skills to improve their position in work and introduce people to online resources that can help support small businesses and sole traders.

This is a national inclusion campaign that promises to be bigger than last year, with the intention to get everybody computer savvy. This year’s campaign is putting particular focus on skills for work, with the message, ‘For a new job, new skills or for your business – Be Online.’​