Food Production & Cooking

Food Production & Cooking Apprenticeships

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality training to help benefit individuals and businesses alike. If you employ young people aged between 16-23 our Apprenticeship programmes might just be what your business needs. For adult employees National Vocational Qualifications might fit the bill. By talking to a Rewards advisor you can find the best way to let us help you improve your business with effective training.

Food Production & Cooking (Level 2) Intermediate Apprenticeship

Hospitality is part of the wider leisure, travel and tourism sector which needs to recruit 855,000 managers, chefs, waiting and bar staff and catering assistants by the year 2017 to replace those who leave or retire. The Industry is facing a number of key challenges to make sure that staff have the right skills and, once trained, that they stay and develop their skills to fulfil their career ambitions, contributing to increased productivity and business profitability.


Progression is to an Advanced Apprenticeship and change of job to eventual career paths could lead to Head Chef, Head Cook, Food and Beverage Manager, Kitchen Manager or Regional Manager.

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