Supervision & Leadership

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality training to help benefit individuals and businesses alike. If you employ young people aged between 16-23 our Apprenticeship programmes might just be what your business needs. For adult employees National Vocational Qualifications might fit the bill. By talking to a Rewards advisor you can find the best way to let us help you improve your business with effective training.

Supervision & Leadership Level 3 (Advanced) Apprenticeship

This is the hospitality industry’s professional qualification for first line management, supervisory staff, and team and shift leaders. At the heart of this apprenticeship is the EDI Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership which provides an excellent framework for developing individual’s management skills by building on previous industry experience and drawing on the principles of effective management.

Topics Covered

Setting objectives and providing support for team members

Developing effective working relationships with colleagues

Contributing to the control of resources

Maintaining the health, hygiene, safety and security of the working environment

Leading teams to improve customer service

Who Should Take The Course

The qualification is suitable for those newly appointed to a supervisory role or those seeking to improve their knowledge and skills and progress to higher level qualifications or increased responsibilities at work.

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Hospitality Management Level 4 Apprenticeship

Being equipped to deal effectively with day to day management whilst helping organisations agree and meet their strategic goals is the challenge set to the majority of those working in middle and senior management roles within the hospitality industry.

With your customers insisting on higher levels of customer services and a wider range of products and amenities it is essential for managers to make the right decisions in the right way. This qualification helps individuals and businesses formalise training vital to ensure ongoing success. The programme consists of a variety of training for key management tasks and responsibilities from planning and targeting to review and strategy measurement.

Topics Covered

Manage the performance of teams and individuals

Work to achieve strategic goals

Manage compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements

Manage own professional development

Maximise sales and profit from hospitality services

Manage purchasing costs

Manage payroll costs

Training and development plans


Who Should Take The Course

Anyone working or seeking work in a middle or senior management role in the hospitality industry would benefit from this qualification. You must be aged 19 or above in addition individuals would be expected to have good levels of English and mathematics, good communication skills, be self motivated and able to set and meet challenging targets. Having completed an Apprenticeship scheme at level 2 or 3 would also be a benefit.

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