What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship programme is a course of study that involves a mixture of learning and work experience. Apprentices study whilst they are working, usually in full time paid employment with all the usual benefits and responsibilities that come with holding a job. You will receive at least the minimum wage and have paid holidays and entitlements to other workplace benefits. In addition you will work closely with your Rewards Training mentor who will be responsible for making sure you have the training you need and the option to complete assessments and tests when you are ready.

We Deliver Apprenticeships in…

Business Administration

Customer Service

Food & Beverage Service

Professional Cookery

Health & Social Care


Hair Dressing

Child Care

What’s Involved?

A vocational skills based qualification, usually an NVQ which is assessed by a professional expert working with you to ensure you succeed and improve your skills.

A knowledge based qualification. A training programme designed to improve your knowledge of your job and the sector you work in.

There are usually a series of tests at the end.

Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT. Helping you to use what you have learned at school or college, functional skills ensure you can apply your skills to day to day work situations.

A project to confirm knowledge of the work sector.

By completing all elements you will gain a nationally certificated qualification that is recognised by employers as a benchmark for quality training and experience.

What About College & University?

Apprenticeship schemes are recognised by the Qualification Curriculum Framework at level 2 & 3 as being equivalent to the achievement of A or AS level qualifications. By completing a Level 3 Apprenticeship in most cases an individual will have accrued enough entry points for most universities, this means that higher education is still available to Apprentices but with the added benefit of work experience gained and contacts in the world of work.