Rewards Training Recruitment Consultancy

Rewards Training Recruitment Consultancy

Rewards Training Recruitment Consultancy has been providing training solutions to businesses across the South East and in Scotland for over 25 years and they access a range of funding streams to support training and staff development, therefore saving businesses significant costs and attributing to improved staff performance and profitability. View our company timeline here!

“Since 1989 within the people development sector we have touched the lives of many and passionately believe that through training people become confident to embrace change and help businesses success.”

Marion Ward, CEO of Rewards Training

Apprenticeships and Recruitment

One of our key areas of delivery is the government flagship training in Apprenticeships for Business, Management, Customer Service,  IT, Health and Social Care, Hospitality and Catering.

For employers looking to fill vacancies, we have a very successful recruitment matching service aimed at supporting employers to fill vacancies as well as encouraging young people into work where they will undertake a government-funded Apprenticeship program provided by Rewards Training.

Unlike many colleges, our apprenticeship programmes are 100% work-based so you will not lose your apprentice one day per week to attend classroom training. A qualified Rewards trainer will maintain monthly contact with your apprentice via face-to-face visits in the workplace (arranged at agreed times convenient to you), plus the usual phone and email contact plus also utilising a most up to date e-portfolio delivery.

Adult Community Learning Centre

We are also very proud to run an Adult Community Learning Centre at this site which delivers basic IT, Maths and English skills to community as well as classroom training in a diverse range of subjects including Team Leading, Management, Customer Service, Food Safety, Emergency First Aid at Work and Award on Personal Licence holders to name a few.

Access To Funding

By working with Rewards you can access government funding to help fund your training requirements. Our employer team will help you identify your training needs and match them to appropriate funding streams. Our direct government contracts are available to help businesses just like yours.